Frequently Asked Questions (A full list of Terms and Conditions of Sale and Entry is available from the Events tab)

COVID UPDATE Changes to operations have been made to meet COVID restriction rules. 
Current COVID Restriction impact:
* General Admission Tickets should be pre-purchased online.  If the event is not sold out prior, there will be limited tickets available at the gate on the day for those that can't purchase online.  Due to COVID tracing requirements, delays may occur if purchasing at the gate.
* It is a condition of the COVID Safe Industry Plan for Outdoor sports that co-mingling between participants and spectators is not allowed.  Therefore the Pit Area is segregated from the General Admission area and spectators can not enter the Pit area at the conclusion of racing.
* Companion Cards - Whilst the venue has a restriction on attendees under COVID, the Companion card will be offered at the Concession rate, not a free ticket. 
* Family Pass - Whilst the venue has a restriction on attendees, a family ticket will not be offered
* Pit Area - is restricted to Actively Involved Participants
* Seating - Please see event details under Upcoming events for seating requirements.  For Minor events, there is no reserved seating and patrons must leave 1 seat between groups when seated in the grandstand or bleachers and 1.5m when seated on grass hill area.  For Major events - the Grandstand and Bleachers are reserved seat ticketed and grass hill remains the same with 1.5m social distancing between groups.

Event Times

Main Program is always from 6pm and events finish by 10.30pm. Early racing or pre-program events commence generally from approximately 4.30pm and is dependant upon the number of support divisions and nominations. Please check upcoming event information for exact times and gate opening times.

Parking There is parking available for $5 adjacent to the track (on the bitumen area).  There is also street parking available.  Please ensure you do not park illegally eg) on or behind footpaths, in driveways, or in the no-parking zones surrounding the airport - as police are constantly patrolling the surrounding areas.
Seating The venue has seating capacity for approximately 5000 on large grass hill areas and a further 2000 approximately in grandstand seating. There is a concrete area around the top of the venue for folding chairs.  Chairs of any kind are not permitted on the grass area.  It is a good idea to bring along a blanket for grass hill area.  There is no additional charge for grandstand seating (excluding Australian Sprintcar Championship event)
NOTE:  Whilst UNDER COVID RESTRICTIONS - Please check individual Event details on Upcoming Events page for Seating UPDATE - as Seating Conditions are in place.
Ticketing Tickets are available for purchase on race nights at the venue.  For selected major events, tickets will be available for pre-purchase via our website - select Tickets from the Events tab on the main menu.  General Admission is via the Main ticket box/gate located at the front of the venue.  Pit Admission is subject to restrictions including but not limited to age and footwear.  Refer to Pit Admission for further details.
There are NO EFTPOS, ATMs or Credit Card facilities at the Venue.
What can't I bring in? No glass, drugs or alcohol can be brought into the venue.  All bags must be made available for inspection upon entry. No Commercially Prepared food is allowed to be brought in.
Food & Drink The Speedway has food and drink outlets (provided by Allcrowd Catering) such as hamburgers, hot chips, chicken strips, hot dogs etc.  A range of cold drinks are also available, there is also a bar with a selection of alcoholic beverages. No Commercially Prepapred food is allowed to be brought in.
Public Transport The closest public transport is by bus.  The bus station is located approximately 1.5kms from the Speedway, on Mortimer Road (near the corner of Beatty Road).  The nearest train station is located at Coopers Plains, it is approximately 5.5kms from the Speedway.
Smoking Policy There are 3 designated Smoking areas located at the speedway.  One is located at adjacent to the main toilet block and one behind the main grandstand - they are indicated by yellow markings.  The other area is located at the top of the ramp, near Turn 4.  For exact locations please view the venue map located near the entry gate at the Speedway or ask security.  It is an offence to smoke outside of the designated areas.  For the Smoking policy in the pit area please refer to signs at pit gate.
Concession Cards

To qualify for reduced admission entry as a Pensioner, one of the following criteria must be met:

     -  Holders of a valid Australian Government issued Pension Concession Card*  including

         listed dependants will qualify for the pension rate.

    -  Holders of a valid Australian Government issued Veteran Affairs Pension Card*

Companion Card are accepted

To qualify for reduced admission entry as a Student, Students must be Full-time and hold a current student card.

A current card plus photo id must be shown upon entry/ticket purchase for all Concession Tickets.

Corporate Facilities There are 4 x Corporate Boxes located in the main straight with seating for up to 12 people.  For corporate packages and pricing please contact the speedway office. 
Photos & Video Photos and Videos taken at Archerfield Speedway may be taken for personal use only.  Extract from our Conditions of Entry (which can be found in full on the Events tab above):

Without limiting any action available to the Companies, it is a condition of entry to the Event that:

(a) patrons acknowledge that any film or other form of photograph, moving picture, still pictures or any sound recording or and of them (Footage) of the Event is approved for personal use only and will not be used for any commercial, internet or broadcast in any public manner;

(b) a person cannot make or reproduce or use any film or other form of photograph, moving picture, still pictures or any sound recording or and of them (Footage) of the Event or any part of it for profit, gain, public advertisement, display or for any other purpose except for the private enjoyment of the person making the Footage, without the consent of the Companies;

(c) if a person makes or reproduces or uses such Footage of the Event or any part of it with or without the consent of the Companies, that person must on request by the Companies assign, in writing, all copyright, all intellectual property and any derived remuneration from the Footage to either the Companies or their assignees as directed by the Companies.

Archerfield Speedway recognise John and Coral Carrell as the Official Photographers and Hyperformance Videos as the official videography for the venue.

Rain-out/Cancellation Policy

In the event of rain, electrical defect or any reason beyond the Promoters control causing cancellation, postponement or abandonment of the event, the following pro-rata will apply:

i) Cancellation before six (6) program events we will honour rainchecks but will not refund any money. Patrons will be able to use their raincheck* ticket for any one of the next four events following cancellation - subject to price variation. 

ii) Cancellation prior to 50% of the program being completed patrons may receive a 50% discount on any one of the next four events following the cancellation - subject to price variation.  Patrons must present Raincheck* Ticket. No refunds will be given.

iii) Cancellation after 50% of the programmed events have been completed, the event is declared and no correspondence will be entered in to.

* Raincheck ticket is the numbered ticket received on entry to the Speedway or for Pit entry the numbered wristband.  For Online tickets a replacement voucher will be issued for Raincheck. No replacements will be given for lost or tampered tickets.  Refer to Conditions of Sale for full terms and conditions.

ONLINE Tickets - if the event is cancelled prior to the gates being open, you may choose to receive a refund or exchange your tickets.  Once racing commences, the above policy applies.

Pit Rules

Pit admission is subject to the following restrictions:

i) patrons aged 16 years or over, or 12 years and over if they hold a current Speedway Australia licence

ii) Must have enclosed footwear

iii) Must not be under the influence of alcohol or drugs

iv) No animals allowed

v) Minimum dress requirements are shorts, short sleeved shirt or t-shirt and covered shoes.

A full list of pit rules is available from the Speedway Office


All dates and events are subject to change without notice