Racing Divisions - Seniors
(16yrs and over)


A Sprintcar is a chassis car where the chassis is made of chrome moly tubing similar to that of aircraft material.  The top wing gives the car downward force and thus side bite to assist in the handling and performance and the front wing assists in the aerodynamics by keeping pressure on the front axle and helps to keep the front wheels on the track.

Sprintcars use Methanol fuel only Engines are V8 410ci and produce around 800 hp. The entire car must weigh a minimum of 1450lbs (659kg).

No mirrors, radio or communication equipment is permitted on any car or driver.

Stagger is used to help get the cars around the corners - it is the difference in size between the left rear and the right rear tyres.  Generally sprintcars will run around 17" of stagger on a sticky track and around 13" on a slick track.

For further info visit the Sprintcars Queensland website

Super Sedans

A chassis car with either fibreglass/aluminium body mounted to it. The body must be representative of a sedan type passenger car. Most cars are rear wheel drive.

Engines are open provided the cubic engine capacity does not exceed 366ci.Holden engines are common.

Super Sedans are restricted to a weight parity ruling of 1140kg (for V8s).

  Email:  Super Sedans Qld


A chassis based car, constructed of chrome moly.  Also known as Speedcars.  They weigh approximately 410kg and produce around 360 horsepower.  Like Sprintcars they also use Stagger to get through the corners however don't have the advantage of the Top and Front wings.

Engines range greatly depending on type.

For further information go to:

Facebook Page: Qld Midgets (Speedcars) 

V8 Dirt Modifieds

Using a Sprintcar style chassis, the V8 Dirt Modified is upright in design, centre line drive and open wheeled.  The wheelbase is 2290mm minimum and 2693mm maximum with the body width 1500mm min and 1730mm max.  They are powered by a 361 ci maximum V8 pushrod engine with cast iron block and heads.  Like the Sprintcars they are only allowed to run on methanol fuel.


For further info visit -

Email:  Qld V8 Dirt Modifieds



Late Model

America's version of Super Sedans.  They have a tube chassis with an aluminium flat body.  With up to 430cu in aluminium motors they produce around 800hp with a carburettor. 

The right rear tyre is 29" compared to a Super Sedan of 32" and are around 1 second a lap faster than Super Sedans.

Wingless Sprints

A relatively new division to Australian speedway.  They are sanctioned by the Sprintcar Control Council of Australia.  They use a Sprintcar chassis and run Holden V6 engines.  They are an affordable alternative to Sprintcars and are growing quickly in popularity in Eastern and Southern Australia.

For further information go to:

Cars range from approximately $10000 to upwards of $15000

Email:  Qld Wingless Sprints

AMCA Nationals (AMCAs)

Another chassis based car, constructed from mild steel.  The vehicle body is constructed from aluminium, fibreglass and or mild steel, and be made to resemble a sedan or hatchback type of vehicle.  AMCAs are only permitted to run a Holden cast iron V8 know as the 253.  The are allowed to run on pump gas, AV gas or methanol fuel.

Lightning Sprints

Known as Mini Sprints in the United States and New Zealand , the little winged warriors have only ever raced in the eastern states of Australia but due to their popularity and relatively low expense , new clubs are forming in other states.

The engines are either from a motor bike or a small car. There is no clutch or gearbox so the car in or out gear via a selector in the diff so the car must be pushed in gear to start.



Facebook Page: Queensland Lightning Sprints 


Compact Speedcars (Compacts)

Commonly known as TQs, Compact speedcars have been around since the 1950s.  TQ was an abbreviation for Three Quarter Midgets.  Engines are restricted to a maximum 1.4 litre production type car engine or 1.1 litre motorcycle engine.

Facebook Page: Qld Compact Speedcars


Mod Lites

1928 to 1948 American-made production vehicles which are 5/8 scale vintage, two door sedans, coupes or trucks (hot rod style).  They are known as Classic Modified Body Styles.

Facebook Page:  Modlites Australia


Open Sedans

4 or 6 cylinder sedans only.  No restrictions on year of vehicle.

Engines are to be left in original position.  6 cylinders must be push rod in line, and no twin cams allowed for 4 cylinders.  No rotary, turbo, fuel injection or nitrous oxide allowed. (Wings optional)


For an infopack please email: Open Sedans

Phone: 0442977850


An oldstyle hot rod car with steel barwork.  Weighing the heaviest out of the racing divisions.  Also a well known racing division in New Zealand and the UK.

For further info email - Steve Bateman

Contact Steve on 0411695556


Formula 500s

A 600cc bike engine (four stroke, four cylinder) chain driven open wheel car.  Senior division is from 16 years of age.  Based on the USA Mini Sprint.


For more information visit the Qld club website:

Facebook Page:  Qld Formula 500s

Contact Email: Brisbane Formula 500 Club

Racing Division - Juniors Description - for 12 to 15yrs

Junior Formula 500s

A Junior division for 12years* or older is Formula 500 Juniors.  Please contact Formula 500 club for more details.  (*with 2 years previous racing experience)


Cars and motors are the same as Senior division, however engines are fitted with restrictor plates.  This allows car to be used in both divisions, without too much work required.

Contact Email: Brisbane Formula 500 Club


For all divisions - to compete at Archerfield Speedway, competitors require a Speedway Australia Licence.  Note that Sprintcars and Wingless Sprints also require an SCCA license to compete.
Speedway Australia Licensing Information and Online License Application

Speedway Australia Rules     Speedway Australia website

For membership or car specification enquiries please contact the relevant club.